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Wonderful gift set in wooden box.

Wonder Balm plus two lip balms!  You choose from: Natural, Berry, Citrus & Mint

Great value.

1 review for Wonder Gift Set

  1. Diane Jeacock

    I’m in love with Wonder Balm! It’s a beautiful tin of amazing goodness for my skin which smells heavenly. I found some at the Sandringham craft fayre, the smell got me straight away. I tried a little and it was so nourishing on my hard working hands I couldn’t leave without getting a tin. I’m a mum to two young children, a busy dog groomer (which tends to strip your skin) and keen gardener not fond of wearing gloves. So I’ve definitely put the Wonder Balm to the test and it’s the best Product I’ve ever used on my poor hands. The smell is uplifting and comforting it’s like a big hug.

    I’ll spread the word with my fellow groomers as my goodness it’s fantastic. It’s the last thing I do before going to bed. I’ve told my partner not to buy me any other brands as this is my go to and money very well spent. When all day I look after everything and everyone else. This is my little me moment. Doing something to look after just me a moment of self love.

    • Rebecca Beveridge

      Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write such a comprehensive review. It’s heartwarming to read such support for my brand (and hard work). I’m so pleased you like the Wonder Balm … and so pleased I stuck with the name, as it truly is a wonder-ful balm! Rebecca

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