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Made by the Beekeeper (that’s me!) is the home of awarding winning honey, mead, fudge and lots more!

With apiaries in Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Kent and Devon, I have produced a range of organic products for body, home and tummy ……..  and now it’s all available online!   

My range of balms has been formulated and researched over many years, using wax, propolis and honey from my hives, combined with organic oils, butters and essential oils.  Several have won national awards:  Gold, Silver, Bronze, Beauty Steal, Editor’s Choice and more. 

All made by hand, in small batches, for you. 



Hot of the Press:  In June I won the Lincolnshire Beekeepers’ Memorial Cup and Best in Show for my honey at the Lincolnshire County Show.  And in July, I won First Prize for my Mead at the Devon County Show.  This mead prize endorses the  Harry Riches Memorial Cup  I won in October  at the National Honey Show for my sweet and dry meads.

Honey Bee


Rebecca Beveridge

I am an experienced beekeeper, passionate about bees, believing in gentle, sustainable and organic bee management.  My bees come first – their health and their quality of life and then, their productivity:  honey, wax, propolis, pollen.  I started my journey in Norfolk and I knew my bees were destined for great things, when they featured in Farming Today on Radio 4.   Now, I split my time between Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire, with stints in Kent and Devon in between.   And yes, my bees travelled with me –  it’s quite an exercise. 


My colonies are kept in WBCs, (named after the designer William Broughton Carr) the traditional looking hives       associated with beekeeping. When I approach them, for one of the regular inspections, my heart lifts with the beauty of their shape and there is always a tinge of excitement at the opening of the first hive. However, an hour in, and 10 hives later, I have to admit the excitement wanes and I wonder, with my aching back, how much longer it will take!


The complete Beekeeping Experience from April to August.  You enjoy the excitment of opening a hive, during the active beekeeping season. We will carry out a standard inspection to check on the health of the colony, stores, space and evidence of the queen. Handling frames of bees and carrying out any hive manipulations required as a result of the inspection eg: queen marking, adding queen excluders or supers. Perhaps even some frame making. There is always lots to do!

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