It’s all about the quality of the ingredients. 

Do you know what goes into the products that you put on your face and body?  I do, because I make them.  Only the best organic oils, organic and virgin butters, and organic essential  oils go into my formulations.  When I’m licking my lips, I enjoy knowing that the wax in my balm has not come from China! 

My own wax goes into my balms – I say my own, but I mean the wax from my hives.   My organic beekeeping system, ensures that no toxins or other nasties creep in.   The wax is just gently warmed and melted and finely filtered before it is cooled and poured into manageable blocks.   If I pour a particularly good batch, I put it by, for entry into the County Honey Show.    With all these awards, I’m beginning to sound a little competitive, but in fact, it’s a good way of showing products of the hive so that the general public can see what quality wax, honey and comb should look like. 

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