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Raw honey from Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.  All of my hives are named, and each super (the box that contains the frames of honey) is marked to say which hive it came from.   The honey is removed by spinning the frames in an extractor.   It gently runs down the side of the drum, and through the gate into a bucket, via a sieve to removed any lumps of wax or large clumps of pollen.  And that’s it.   You don’t get any more natural than that!


Buzz Press:   My Chilli Honey has just been announced as a Finalist in the Artisan Product of the Year in the Weetabix Food and Drink Awards!  Wasn’t expecting that!  Made using my honey and home-grown chilli flakes.  So many uses!  It’s wonderful in marinades, salad dressings, drizzles, glazes ….  then onto the sweet stuff: mousses, cakes, fudge, chocolate, or tell me, how would you use it?  Update ……  It won BRONZE!   

If you would like to order Chilli honey – just place an order for my usual honey – and put a note in the message box saying you require chilli!  It’s as simple as that.  Thanks!

I’ll be adding it as a product on the website very soon. 

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Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire

1 review for Organic Honey – Raw

  1. Patricia Coulton (verified owner)

    My husband loves honey and was given some ‘made by the beekeeper’ by a friend, he was delighted and I have since ordered some myself for him. I also was given some of the lip balm, which I was very impressed with, so much so that I sent for a gift pack for my daughter-in-law and she too was impressed with the products. I would recommend these products to anyone, without exception.

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