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Hands will feel incredibly soft after just one treatment.

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Sooth and moisturize those hard-working hands with this beautifully floral smelling hand balm. Hands will feel incredibly soft after just one treatment, and the organic beeswax from my hives will ensure the effect will last beyond one hand wash. And let’s face it, we are all washing and gelling our hands much more than usual at the moment, so they need all the help and protection they can get.

Hand Gift Sets also available.   £25.  Include  two balms (choose from  Anytime Anywhere, Hand, Nail & Cuticle, Balm for Men, Beard Balm) and one lip balm (choose from Natural, Berry, Mint, Citrus).    And it all comes in a presentation wooden box with hinged lid.    Look out for discount code … you might pick this up for just £20 if you timing is right!

NB box shape might vary from one pictured.

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2 reviews for Hand Balm

  1. Marian Beaumont

    I am almost finished this little tin of beautiful balm. It has lasted since April. I have found another really useful application whilst on holiday on the Isle of Arran. . The midges were vicious ! We used a chemical repellent to no avail. I reached for my hand balm and used it on my face and neck to relieve the itching . Hey presto .., it also repelled the midges . Fabulous stuff !

  2. Marian Beaumont

    Wow, this balm smells amazing. It is fabulous to use after gardening. It rubs in well and really soothes your hands. A little goes a long ay. Today I was badly stung by nettles on both hands(I know I should wear gloves 🥺). My hands were stinging so much. After my shower I massaged this gorgeous balm in and realised after 10 minutes or so that the stinging was considerably reduced. It can only have been the balm having that effect. Wonderful. Thank you. 🐝

    • Rebecca Beveridge

      Thank you Marian – I’m so pleased you are enjoying my hand balm and benefitting from the nourishing natural ingredients. And if you think that one is good, you’ll be amazed at my Wonder Balm. I use it after being pricked and scratched by roses during pruning, or cutting back brambles – it works wonders. I’m beekeeping this afternoon, so I’ll pass on your compliments to my hardworking bees.

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